Natural Anxiety Treatment Solution

When searching for ways to treat anxiety naturally one must first gain a better understanding of anxiety itself. Anxiety can be defined as a general feeling of restlessness, trepidation, doubt and fear in response to or in anticipation of a real or imagined threat. Some estimates suggest that anxiety affects at least 15% of the general population. So, if you are struggling with this condition you are not alone. In this informational article titled “Natural Anxiety Treatment Solution” we will explore two different areas which could prove helpful in the battle against a formidable foe; anxiety.
*Aerobic Exercise: You are probably rolling your eyes at this one but take a minute to walk with me through this option. Put on your technical hat for a moment while we explore this option. Exercise is a broad brush solution to anxiety, meaning all types benefit. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and increases serotonin availability in the bran, which has a propensity to calm cingulated hyperactivity. Additionally tryptophan, the amino acid building block for serotonin, is a small molecule. It does not fare well against the larger amino acids that cross into the brain. With intense aerobic exercise the large muscles use the bigger amino acids to replenish tissue. This occurrence reduces the competition for tryptophan, which leads to increased amounts in the brain.
Certainly, aerobic exercise is not for everyone due to its physical demands. So check with your doctor to make sure your body is up to the challenge.
*Supplements: As many of you know I am a big supporter of natural supplements but their use is not without its critics. While the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming in support of supplements, clinical research tends to be confusing. There is conflicting research backing the use of supplements for anxiety disorders. For the most part it generally supports the premise that supplementation is effective in cases of mild to moderate anxiety.
One major advantage of supplements over prescription medications has to do with side effects. The main category of drugs used in the treatment of anxiety (benzodiazepines) carries substantial side effects. So if you are thinking about going this direction ask your doctor about the risks. You should look at supplemental treatments for anxiety as a tool in your tool box rather than the tool box itself.
In summary, when uncovering ways to treat anxiety naturally, smart exercise combined with supplementation is a good place to start. Work with your doctor to develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates the treatments that work best for you in a rational, well balanced approach.
Additionally, perhaps the most popular of the natural anxiety treatments are herbal remedies. These all natural formulas for anxiety have been shown to be safe and effective at supporting emotional health and wellness and are an option worth considering.

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