Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads – Best Choice Replacing Metallic Or Organic Pads

While driving on the road, the drivers have to hit his brakes thousands of times per week, no wonder your rims get dusty and dirty as your pads wear themselves out.  Every time your brake pads squeeze the rotors for stopping power, the friction causes dust particles to attach itself to the rims and tires leaving a black filth. Now, people have Akebono replace the metallic or organic pads which was considered to be the best choice for stopping power in the past.


If you want your car’s braking system to offer a smoother, quieter performance no matter what range temperature and road conditions with far less noise and dust, the solution is Akebono ceramic brake pads. The automotive industry now has shoes or brake pads for your car that are completely free from dust, dirt, and grime leaving your rims and tires looking good as new. The reason for this is the ingredients in ceramic compounds produce a light colored dust that is much less noticeable and less likely to stick to the wheels unlike metallic pads.  Akebono Ceramic pads also meet or exceed all original equipment standards for durability, stopping distance and noise. According to durability tests, ceramic compounds extend brake life compared to most other semi-metallic and organic materials.  They were proven to outlast other premium pad materials by a significant large margin without sacrificing noise control, pad life or overall braking performance.


So to sum up the benefits of Akebono ceramic brake pads, the three main reasons why more and more people are choosing ceramic over metallic:


Cool:  Akebono Ceramic brake pads are designed to distribute heat equally or better than metallic pads. Studies have shown ceramic pads to perform up to 350 degrees cooler than semi-metallic pads resulting in consistent braking power on each and every stop.


CLEAN: With each and every stop ceramic pads do not produce the dirty brake dust you typically get with a metallic pad leaving your car’s tires and rims virtually clean with less rotor wear.


QUIET:Akebono Ceramic brake pads quiet the harsh noises that you typically hear with metallic pads due to far less friction on the rotors.



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